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В любой программе есть недокументированные возможности, помогающие жить, но никак не описанные в официальных документах.

Конечно, без всех этих “штучек” можно обойтись.

Но насколько удобнее работать, зная, что можно, например, вращать спрайт прямо на сцене, просто удерживая правую кнопку мыши.

В общем, читайте сами и благодарите natalie из команды Скретча за раскрытие этих “секретов”. Текст по-английски.

* Find a sprite: To show a sprite that’s off the screen or hidden, Shift+click on its thumbnail in the sprite list (bottom right-corner of screen) – this will bring the sprite to the middle and show it.
- To turn a costume into a separate sprite, right-click (Mac Ctrl+click) and select “turn into a sprite”.
- Drag the blue line on sprite thumbnail (in the middle of the screen) to rotate the sprite.
- To rotate a sprite from the stage, shift+click on the sprite.
- Shortcut to get a sprite to “point in direction 90″: double-click on sprite thumbnail in the top middle of the screen.
- To delete a sprite, use the Scissors tool (or Right-click and choose “delete”)
- To delete multiple sprites, Shift+click with the Scissors (it won’t revert to the arrow)
-To make multiple copies of a sprite, Shift+click with the Copy tool (it won’t revert to the arrow)
-Drag to reorder thumbnails in sprite list (bottom right corner of screen)
-Drag to reorder costumes in the Costume tab area
-To make a sprite that looks like part of the background, Right-click (Mac Ctrl+click) the stage to grab a portion of the image on the stage.

- To copy a stack of blocks from one sprite to another, drag the stack to the thumbnail of the other sprite (at the bottom right corner of the screen).
-To clean up the script area, right-click (Mac Ctrl+click) in Scripts area.
-Get help for any block: right-click (Mac Ctrl+click) on the block
- You can fit some blocks within other blocks. For example, you can put any Number or Sensing blocks with curved edges inside a “switch to costume” block or any block that has a white number or text area.
- Want to get the current x-y of a sprite? Click on the Motion category to update the x-y numbers in the glide and go-to blocks in the palette.

- To crop an image, outline it with the Selection tool, then Shift+delete (or Shift+backspace)
- To rotate part of a costume, use the selection tool, then click the left or right Rotate button (curved arrows).
- To rotate more precisely: Shift+click on the left or right Rotate button. It will let you enter a # of degrees to rotate
- Grow or shrink more precisely: Shift+click on the Grow or Shrink button (arrows pointing out or in). It will let you enter a % size for a costume
- To stamp multiple times, press Shift while using the Stamp tool.
- Press Shift with the Rectangle tool to make a square.
- Press Shift with the Oval tool to make a circle.
- Press Shift with Line tool to make a straight horizontal or vertical line.
- Press Shift key when clicking on a color square to change the other color.
- To pick up a color from outside the paint editor, select the Eyedropper tool, click in the Paint editor, then drag while holding down the mouse key.

- Check boxes to show monitors on stage
- Click a monitor to toggle between options (hide monitor name, show slider)

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (some of these are repeats with above)
-To delete multiple sprites, Shift+ click with the Scissors tool (it won’t revert to the arrow).
- To make multiple copies of a sprite, Shift+click with Copy tool (it won’t revert to the arrow).
- Ctrl+S to save your project.

- You can drag multiple images at once into Scratch. They will become costumes within a sprite.
- You can drag in an animated gif.
- You can drag in images from a web browser, Word, and some other programs (on Windows).
- You can drag in a Scratch project from a file folder.

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